Worker’s Comp Court Reporter In Seminole County

What is Workers’ Comp Court Reporting?

Let’s first explore what Workers Compensation is and how the court reporting services that Seminole Reporting provides help everyone involved in a workers compensation case. Workers’ Compensation, (usually referred to as Workers’ Comp is a form of insurance that employers carry for their employees should an employee become ill from or injured during the performance of their job. In most situations, injured employees can receive Workers’ Comp insurance, no matter who was at fault for their illness or injury.

Because these Workers’ Comp benefits act as a type of insurance, they preclude the employee from suing the employer for the injuries covered. Injured employees can receive Workers’ Comp payouts in several different ways, and there are laws that regulate how these payouts are to be administered. These laws are subject to adjustments and modifications from time to time, and employers are required to keep up to date on the latest rates and schedules of Workers’ Comp regulations. Due to new changes in Florida law in relation to worker’s comp limits, many attorneys are pursuing this area more aggressively than they have in the past. 

Where does Seminole Reporting Come In?

Court reporters, sometimes referred to as stenographers, are responsible for keeping written records of legal proceedings, whether in government, court, or private settings.  Lawyers, mediators, insurance agencies and other parties hire us to provide accurate and impartial recordings and transcriptions to all parties. The importance of accuracy in reporting is crucial to the success of every individual involved.

At Seminole Reporting we offer court reporting and transcription services to anywhere in the United States, however we focus on our home communities-Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Dr. Phillips, Orlando, WIndermere and anywhere near these locations.

We have offices in Altamonte Springs, Maitland, Longwood and Orlando where we can meet you or you can come set up in our private conference rooms. We have recording capability in real-time and can also transcribe video or audio related to any person involved in the worker’s comp case.  

Seminole Court Reporting:

  • Record Depositions
  • Record Mediations
  • Record Contract Negotiation
  • Record Intake & 
  • Transcribe ANY audio in real-time or from recorded file
  • Offer Private, comfortable professional conference rooms

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So what exactly does a court reporter do?

Court reporters are individuals responsible for making accurate word-for-word transcripts of legal proceedings like trials, hearings, depositions, conferences, and similar meetings, whether in government, court, or private settings, recording what was said and who said it. Transcription accuracy is extremely important because often attorneys, judges, and other parties in legal proceedings rely on court reporters to verify testimony. Court reporters are also known as guardians of the record because of their impartiality and role within the judicial process.

At Seminole Reporting, we specialize in providing this type of real-time reporting when desired.

At Seminole Reporting, we specialize in providing real-time reporting, support services for clients across the country. As the foremost authority in the Seminole and Orange County area, our team is prepared to accommodate any of your deposition, courtroom, mediation or video-conferencing needs. Our state-of-the-art facility is complete with three comfortable conference rooms and has become the gold standard for court reporting locally here in Florida.

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