Our Services

On Call Reporters:

At Seminole Reporting, convenience is key. We understand that time is of the essence and at times a luxury. Need a deposition scheduled for a quick turnaround? Our easily accessible online portal is ready when and where you are. Our goal is to accommodate your needs by providing the personalized service and attention you and your clients deserve. With a 99% success rate, we have your last-minute requests covered. After hours emergency case? We’ve got you covered there too; we forward our office phone to an attended cell phone. Day or night, no matter the situation there’s always a friendly voice ready to assist 24/7/365.







Expedited Transcripts:

Seminole Reporting offers a guaranteed standard turnaround time frame of 10 business days. Need the transcripts sooner? Expedited transcripts are also available upon request.

Rough ASCII File Transfers:

Another more affordable alternative to expedited transcripts is Rough ASCII file transfers. These files are classified as “rough draft” transcripts and are provided within 24 hours of the proceedings. While still an additional cost incurred, the net savings is approximately 60%. Following the “rough draft” transcripts, clients automatically receive the final “Certified Transcript.”

Video Depositions:

One of our most requested multimedia package options, video depositions have the power to engage viewers, allowing them to grasp the full scope and context of witness testimony. Transcribed text is helpful; however, it tends to lose effectiveness and information can be lost in translation or taken out of context. Opting for a video deposition also provides an opportunity to get a feel for how your client will be viewed at trial. At Seminole Reporting, we look at the big picture. Our professional team of videographers can help you decode nonverbal communication cues such as body language, vocal inflection, gestures and a host of other mannerisms which can be critical to your case. Still interested in a transcribed text? We also offer synchronized video and text depositions.


Our beautifully furnished and fully-equipped conference rooms provide a comfortable and secure environment to conduct your meetings without the hustle and bustle of coordinating travel arrangements. Seminole Reporting utilizes Polycom equipment to ensure only the best broadcasting quality and secure video transmissions. Our video conferencing system allows up to xyz users to connect with optional split screens for enhanced viewing.  You and your clients will have full use of our reception area and conference space, which can accommodate up to xyz people. We offer privacy and convenience without sacrificing security, which is why we insist on avoiding third-party streaming providers.


Crystal clear broadcast quality images and state-of-the-art technology


24/7/365 scheduling online, via phone or email


Multimedia conferencing packages designed with your needs in mind


Full access to our reception area, technical support, coffee and light refreshments

Realtime Reporting:

An invaluable resource in the legal community, realtime reporting is a quick and convenient means to receive your transcripts. Our court reporters can provide an instant feed, transcribing proceedings and making the content not only readily available but also searchable. Clients can flag important text, highlight key questions or statements and document points to reference at a later time. When determining your client’s needs, please keep in mind this service requires some advanced notice. Realtime reporting is also a beneficial investment for an attorney interviewing a hearing-impaired witness.

Medical and Technical Litigation

Whether as a result of unpredictable and often inevitable circumstances, timing, human error, a faulty medical device or long-term ailments, unfortunately, medical and technical related lawsuits on the rise. Our court reporters are well versed in medical terminology, and our secure web conference and mediation rooms offer our clients privacy and peace of mind. As a part of our services, we offer high tech audio and visual professional support to help navigate the complex nature of such cases.


Hosting a major event, meeting, conference or seminar? Our court reporters regularly provide transcription services for a variety of organizations and are available to provide real-time voice-to-text services for your next event. We take great pride in contributing to the success of our client’s events and will give individual transcripts to each participant at no additional cost. Want to learn more about our event packages and pricing? Drop us a line at seminars@seminolereporting.com and be sure to check out our social media channels to see where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing.


When conducting any political or Council meetings, we highly recommend utilizing our court reporting service. While Council meetings are digitally recorded, all of our court reporters are nationally and state certified meaning you will receive a certified transcript of the meeting.  At Seminole Reporting, we keep our client’s best interest at heart, and we know in the event of an Appellate proceeding the money invested in a certified court reporter versus a free administrative transcription is well worth it. Our team has tried and true field experience transcribing depositions, hearings and a wide array of litigation and arbitration.

Electronic Transcripts with Hyperlinked Exhibits:

Experience the ease and convenience of our electronically integrated text transcripts, as a complimentary service with your order. While hard copies are always available upon request, electronic transcripts are entirely interactive and searchable documents enabling you to print, index or search from any device of your choosing. In today’s digital world, this format also allows us to embed hyperlinks to exhibits allowing for ultimate accessibility of your case files. We have the ability convert scanned files and documents such as MRI images, reports and also synchronize video depositions into searchable files.

Electronic Recordings:

Are you in need of post proceeding transcription services? Our court reporters are some of the best in the business and will cover your electronic recordings and provide a certified transcript. Our service areas cover medical malpractice, patent and trademark, real estate, probate, commission meetings and much more. We ensure the utmost professionalism, timeliness and accuracy of your proceedings. Certified audio and video recordings are available at the courthouse, where they can be obtained by our office and conveniently transcribed for you. In a rush? Submit your expedited request online for a faster turnaround.

Need a reporter in another state?

Simply put in a Schedule a Reporter request. Through our network of reporters nationwide, we will secure a reporter for you anywhere in the country.