At Seminole Reporting, our team of court reporters are certified and highly trained to ensure the utmost accuracy and confidentiality for your clients. We offer a wide range of specialties and have experience working on complex litigation and highly technical cases. Our in the field experience enables us to be very well versed, providing subject-matter expertise when you need it and when it counts.

Areas We Cover:

Medical and Technical Litigation

Whether as a result of unpredictable and often inevitable circumstances, timing, human error, a faulty medical device or long-term ailments, unfortunately, medical and technical related lawsuits on the rise. Our court reporters are well versed in medical terminology, and our secure web conference and mediation rooms offer our clients privacy and peace of mind. As a part of our services, we offer high tech audio and visual professional support to help navigate the complex nature of such cases.

Construction Law

Construction sites are often associated with above average risk for disputes, with cases stemming from design flaws, environmental hazards or concrete failures and construction defects. Filings can take place pre-construction, during or post-construction, which means timing is of the essence. When trying to resolve construction law disputes, handling highly technical and sometimes classified information, our on-call reporting team is ready to facilitate your private arbitration needs. Whether utilizing our private and secure mediation rooms, or a location of your choosing Seminole Reporting is prepared to accommodate any last-minute requests.


Complex Civil Litigation

While civil litigation covers a broad spectrum, the general circumstances involve a dispute with two or more parties seeking monetary compensation or an alternative specified outcome rather than criminal charges. Proceedings such as pretrial hearings, depositions, arbitration and or mediation are often welcome alternatives to the courtroom. In cases such as rental disputes, anti-trust litigation, employment and labor disputes, the time between filing to actually going to trial can take a few months to years. Seminole Reporting’s mediation facility offers an opportunity to resolve disputes in a neutral legal environment, reducing the associated costs of going to trial and the time associated with an in-depth discovery proceeding. Our reporting offerings are 24/7/ 365 when you need them, for a quick turnaround choose realtime reporting or expedited transcripts.

Personal Injury

From a seemingly minor slip and fall, while attending an event, to auto accidents or a work-related incident, personal injury cases require accurate testimony and thorough attention to detail. Personal injury claims often result in lost wages and increased medical expenses which requires documentation and proper preparation for trial. Seminole Reporting is by your side every step of the way, our electronic transcription services also allow for hyperlinked exhibits and images critical to your case.

Medical Malpractice

At Seminole Reporting, each of our court reporters is more than qualified to work with any area of litigation. However, with the complex nature of medical malpractice litigation, we pride ourselves on providing subject-matter experts. Our team has extensive experience providing video deposition, transcription and realtime reporting services. We utilize our expertise, leveraging our resources and relationships to offer our clients with quality results. With clientele ranging from hospitals, physicians, insurance companies, specialty medical practices and various health care providers, our work speaks for itself.

Health and Safety Law

Having expert witnesses on your side is a crucial part of health and safety, OSHA, and environmental litigation, so is a good court reporter. Seminole Reporting’s team of experts understand the scope of what’s at stake and take pride in staying current with state and local environmental statutes and regulations. Our audio and video team will synchronize video and text, embed graphics, video clips, and essential trial assets in slide decks, ensuring a seamless presentation for your clients. We strive to not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations by providing a full broad spectrum of services and package options.

Family Law

When it comes to matters of the heart, family law can be a sensitive subject. Seminole Reporting values and respects the privacy of all of our clientele. We offer private depositions and our state of the art conference area for mediation proceedings. Divorce proceedings, child custody arrangements, child support agreements and surrogacy contracts, our court reporters are professional and sensitive to your needs. From deposition prep with our professional videographers to realtime reporting with expedited transcripts to post-transcription services for electronic recordings, Seminole Reporting provides complete end to end solutions.

Patent and Trademark

As a trusted resource in the legal community, Seminole reporting has a network of dedicated court reporting professionals. From local start-ups to established practices, some of our more popular requests are for patent, trademark and intellectual property. With the increasing popularity of e-commerce, businesses are rapidly expanding and facing the need to protect their concepts, products, image, and branding. Our team is well-versed in the industry-specific terminology and proceedings related to the actual granting of patents, copyright and filing oppositions. Expedited transcription services, realtime transcribing and electronic transcripts with hyperlinked exhibits are a few more popular options for such cases.  As with all of our offerings, we work with our clients to determine which services best suit your needs.

Real Estate

Seminole Reporting is ready to provide on-demand court reporting services for any variety of real estate transactions. Our team of professionals has extensive experience working with real estate investors, REITs, property managers, developers, contractors, leasing, management, zoning agents and assisting with the transfer of real estate assets. In a rush? Our team will provide you with rough ASCII file transfers within 24 hours of your proceedings. In need of post-transcription services? We will transcribe your proceedings from your electronic recording files.

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When a family member or friend passes, we strive to make the legal proceedings as seamless and stress-free as possible. We assist our clients in all aspects of estate planning, preparation of wills, trusts and probate litigation. Our team is experienced in facilitating the needs of individual fiduciaries, business transfers, and multigenerational families in reporting and accurate documentation. Our mediation and conference rooms are fully staffed, and our audio and video team are available for pre-deposition prep. One of the most effective ways to expedite the probate process, our video deposition option is one of our more popular multimedia packages.

Commission Meetings

Seminole Reporting’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the courtroom; our goal is to provide top-tier customer service and personalized solutions with your needs in mind. Let our professional audio and video team handle the technical details for your meetings. Our event packages offer a variety of options, including transcription services from a certified court reporter, realtime voice to text services or post-transcription if an electronic recording is available. Coordinate your next commission meeting with Seminole Reporting and let us exceed your expectations.